Collection: Astonishing Adventures of Alicia Carter & Robot #1, Gabriel Perez Comic Cop Exclusive

The Astonishing Adventures of Alicia Carter and Robot is an action-packed SCIFI adventure series in the vein of classic pulp stories like Northwest Smith, Flash Gordon, and John Carter of Mars but with a dash of comedy thrown in for good measure.

 Alicia Carter is down on her luck.  When her emergency escape pod crashes down on the garbage incinerating planet of Junk World, she finds herself marooned with no way to contact help. Luckily, a working garbage disposal unit called GDU-3, with a strangely keen A.I. intellect, comes to her rescue.

Struggling with a bout of amnesia due to the head trauma she received in the crash, Alicia struggles to remember how she came to find herself in a deadly freefall. That's when the bounty hunter Klaven Skullvek and his team of enhanced mercenaries touch down. Their mission: to find, apprehend Alicia Carter, and get back the data-crystal that she stole from them.

In a harrowing game of cat and mouse that unfolds across the cluttered landscape of mountains of trash and old ship parts, the only question is with a hunter as dangerous as Klaven hot on her trail, will Alicia Carter and her trusty side-kick robot, GDU-3, make it off of Junk World in one piece? Or will Alicia barter and the data-crystal in exchange for her freedom?

Find out in this exciting new series by Regolith Comics and creator Tristan Vick (Daughter of Wolves, Animal Woman, Speed of Light).

The Astonishing Adventures of Alicia Carter & Robot is a new ongoing series published by Regolith Comics and is slated for a full 6-issue-run as well as a collected trade paperback.